Proud member of the Durango Chamber Of Commerce

‚ÄčJust Ask Christy, LLC -  

Yes, my name is Christy & I specialize in creative & useful products & necessary services to help you succeed in business, conquer that perpetual gift list & maybe even gain control of some home or office to-do's!

 Living in the small town environment of Durango, Colorado means that either everyone knows you or they know someone who does!  New to town...well, if you were to hang out with me for a few days, eventually everyone who knows me will come to know who you are too.

My company name was being uttered among friends, neighbors, local shop owners & craft fair vendors long before I ever went into business, because when people would ask questions...everyone's answer seemed to be... Just Ask Christy! 

I guess not too many people have such a varied skill set as myself apparently.  This is news to me of course, I thought everyone could do the same things I could do.  So, if you've found that you need a photography class so you can use your new camera, maybe some awesome new business cards, a tiny spice rack for your tiny house kitchen, a new menu for your restaurant, a useful birthday gift, some website help, or a coordinator for your estate sale.... you've found the right place! 

Also, in case you're curious...I am one of those types who enjoys creating a concept idea for a well designed and useful item, designing it in 3-D if time allows, building a real life version next, then photographing it from every angle, creating an awesome brochure for it and then of course selling it to anybody that needs one and who appreciates good form and functionality in a quality product!

I will be making frequent updates to my site, so visit again soon and check out the progress as it grows.