If  you're searching for a reputable one stop solution to those home and office issues, you found it!

Working with one person is much simpler & can be less expensive in the long run.  Granted, there may be a waiting list, but it will be worth it knowing you're really getting exactly what you need for your home or office.

Here's a list of some of my custom products & services.

Photography Classes   ~   Graphic Design   ~  Upcycling   ~   Home Decor   ~  Business Cards   ~   Decoupage   ~   BagAttoodes (custom wearable specialty bags for activities or specific gear)  ~  Colorado Comforters (reusable hot & cold therapy bags with removable & washable covers) ~  Vendor Displays   ~   Vendor / Venue Connections   ~   Hidden Storage   ~   Photography   ~    Specialty Sewing   ~   Computer Classes   ~   Conceptual Design   ~   Building   ~   Menus  ~ Professional Printing   ~   Website Content Preparation   ~  Greeting Cards  ~  Calendars  ~  Product Support  ~   Labels  ~  Brochures  ~  Custom Organization & Projects & probably a few things I forgot.

My hubby Dave & I take pride in a job well done.  We both enjoy the satisfaction of completing home projects, for the most part, all on our own.  There are occasions of course, where we need to hire things to be done.  When people stop by our home, they say they never know what new upcycled thing or cool hang out zone we will come up with next.

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