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Calling all leathersmiths... if there is such a thing actually.  A gentleman here in Durango is interested in having a coat created out of an elk hide he has.  The coat will need to be similar to the one worn by Brad Pitt in the movie "Legends Of The Fall".  If you have the skill to conquer such a task, get in touch with me through my website contact form and I will put you in touch with Matt to discuss the project further.

Extra Extra Read All About It....  anyone interested in buying things related to letterpress printing?  Vintage presses, tools, antique paper stock, typecase cabinets with trays, foundry manuals, original 1940's calendars and lead type among numerous other things.  Contact me for more information using the contact form on this site.

Visit often so you know the scoop and stay in the loop!  Each week I choose a few things to mention here.  This is where you will find a list of things a few of my friends are trying to locate.  There is also a short list of some of my favorite shopping spots where you are sure score great finds and meet some awesome friends and neighbors.  Of course I will throw in some newsy bits that you'll probably find interesting. 

Wanted -

Coin Rings....  I am happy to say I have yet another new skill to enjoy.... I am now making rings using coins and have added them to my product line.  Coming soon will be additional coin products as well.  They are very unique and super cool.  I will have images available soon, also you will be able purchase them from me shortly.

These are some of my favorite local shopping spots -

A big heartfelt Thank You to all the personnel helping in so many ways with the fires, evac centers, call centers, online updates, animal rescues, host homes and everything else so far this summer!  

Heads Up! -

Scrimshaws, Far West Antiques, Durango Salvage, Dunn Deal, Light Art of Durango, Reruns, Wild-mtn.com, The Habitat Restore, Kroegers, Village Junction Antiques, Caswell Home D├ęcor & Trading Co, and Durango Space.  Of course there are others, but I will start with these.  Soon you will see some photos of wicked cool items from these awesome places.

My friend Amy is looking for a wall mount style telephone with a rotary dial.  If you have one of these unique phones, email me and I will put you in touch with her.

My friend Annamarie has some amazing natural landscape stumps.  Curly, weathered, large and small with lots of character.  Email me if you are interested and I will put you in contact with her to discuss further.  Photos available soon.

My friend Margie is looking for a shallow rusty wheelbarrow with the wheel still attached.  Look through your old outbuildings or salvage piles and let me know if you have one for her to buy from you.

My friend Darla is looking for some antique lace....anybody...anybody?

My friend Joan is looking for some old wood windows so she can build a shabby chic greenhouse on a budget.  Anybody able to help her out?   (Local replies only please.)

My friend Lilly is hoping to locate an old seat from a buckboard wagon if anyone has one for sale.


This is an image of the bathroom in my office.  Thanks to the Habitat Re-Store I was able to score some great finds.  I re-purposed a medicine cabinet mirror, a feed scoop & a cabinet door that I used to make a cute sign.  The adorable pedestal sink was from there as well as the hardwood distressed flooring.  I can thank our good friend Eric for help with some of the tasks of remodeling the bathroom.  The awesome lights were from Light Art, thanks to Emma who found just what I was after.  The hand soap dispenser, hand towels & bath mat were from Walmart & the shower curtain came from Bed, Bath & Beyond.  The beautiful accent color is my favorite Valspar paint from Kroeger's in the town plaza shopping center.