Chances are, I may be able to provide a solution for you, your home or office... Just Ask Christy.  The perfect gift to go along with a new camera is a photography class so they can learn how to use it!  Maybe you need a shoe cubby or a fresh upcycling of a favorite tattered item.  Or perhaps you need  product photography, business cards, graphic design or a custom built vendor display?   See price sheets for more information. 

Services -

Specialty sewing - Can't find the right throw pillow for your tiny house decor?  Maybe I can help to make something that fits perfectly with your theme & at a size that doesn't look out of place.  Need a custom wearable BagAttoode for your cell phone or baby needs or even a medical device?  If you're shaking your head yes right now... better contact me & get on the schedule.  There is always a waiting list but there is a long line of happy customers too!  Rates:  $ 40/hr w/ a 1 hr min.  Contact me using the contact form on my site for specific projects.  Materials & other associated costs would of course be additional.  (The above image is one of my most favorite tools, I've used this sewing machine for over 25 years!) Primarily custom sewing is offered as part of a small reno project.

Decoupage & other types of finishing - 

Photography class - If you just got a new camera, take a 2 hr photography class to get familiar with your gear fast & learn techniques to make your images stand out from all the rest.  Inexpensive classes tailored to your gear and goals is a no brainer to get the results you want fast.  Whether your goal is to shoot items to sell online or take photos of your new baby, you should smile after you see the result, not be frowning that it didn't turn out.  Rates:  a 2 hr class is $60/hr & you can use a workbook during class or you may purchase the 20 pg  packet & make notes on it to keep to refer to it later.  (I have yet to have anyone NOT decide to buy it!)  My classes are very helpful & I teach in a casual & simple manner which makes it fun & not intimidating.  (The above image is one I metered for the background of blue sky to create a silhouette that really creates an impact.)

Small builds -

As businesses evolve, things are expected to change with growth.  That being said, I am primarily working with clients one on one for either home remodeling, photography, or design.  If you were used to buying items from me at local events, fear not.  I still have some inventory and you can order through the contact page on this site.

Upcycling -Ever heard the phrase it's more rewarding to use & upcycle what you've got because nobody else will have one like it?  It's true!  Just ask all the people who come to our home & immediately reach for their phones to take photos of the unusual things my husband & I have made & use daily out of what we already had.  When I mix a piece of this with a piece of that & add it to one of those extra thingy-dos a super cool piece of 3D wall art it born & adds just the right impact to your favorite room.   

Computer assistance - From small tasks like printing a price list for your yard sale to complex long term business projects involving graphic design & marketing materials, there's usually something we all could use some help conquering.  Sorry, this is no longer offered.

Custom organization & hidden storage - Are you the crafty type, perhaps with a nifty little workspace delegated to an oddly shaped cubby spot beneath the stairs?  Let me guess... you're nodding with a smirk right?  Well, then make that space function just how you need it to & make it appear neat, tidy & adorable when you're not using it.  Coordinating colors & patterns, vertical use of space & multipurpose items are the key.  Describe your workspace issue to me & I bet I can come up with a design you can do yourself or get an estimate for it to be handled for you.    

Venue host announcements - Perhaps you are planning a big event and want to draw the crowds by including vendor booths.  How do you reach the local vendors?  Contact me with the details and since the vendors look at what events are coming up, they can contact you.  Sorry, this is no longer offered.

Computer classes - Sometimes participating in a big fast paced class is more harmful than helpful.  Do you just need some basic pointers at a pace you're comfortable with and just for the topic you need to learn?  If the boss says you need to learn PowerPoint by Monday's big meeting, then don't stress over it, Just Ask Christy.  Sorry, this is no longer offered.

Websites - So you have a website but need some great product shots or some juicy copy content to put on it and don't have the time to do it?  Set up a meeting to discuss it further and get your website where you want it to be.  Sorry, website copywriting is no longer offered, however, photography of your product is still offered.

Business start up assistance - If you want to go into business but don't know where to begin, I have a list of local resources to help you.  Oh, and there's no need to get locked into using templates and contracts that don't suit you.  When you're ready for brochures, business cards, photos and printing that is tailored to your business, come back here to Just Ask Christy and get that handled next.  Sorry, this is no longer offered.

Note: prices and rates are subject to change and are sometimes determined on a case by case basis depending on the situation.

Decoupage - (This is a 4x4 post in our living room that I did.)  Sometimes you just don't have the heart to discard an old item that's been with you for decades.  Maybe it doesn't match your current decor, but it has good bones & deserves a fresh look.  My decoupage techniques will amaze you.  I can also do a distressed finish or a whitewash, painting a fresh coat of course too is an option.  Rates:  $40/hr w/ 1 hr. min. of course materials would be extra depending on what you need to have done and the style you choose.

Above is an example of 18" x 18" quad fold, folded in half, double sided glossy that fits in a standard business envelope.  I also provided the entire brochure as a downloadable PDF to the client for them to use on their website for visitors to print individual pages without heavy ink usage on a home printer.  Contact me using the contact form on this website to inquire  about your marketing needs.

Graphic design -

Photography for sale &/or booking a mobile photo shoot -

Vendors, shoppers & venue hosts - 

Building & fixing  - Yes, this is my coffee table & like you possibly, I just couldn't find what I wanted, so I built one instead!  I love it, that's why I put it on the front of my business cards!  If you've looked online & at every garage sale in tow,n but you can't find what you need, ask me, maybe I can make it?  Custom doesn't have to be unattainable.  Request an estimate & a sketch & can get on the schedule today.  I also can offer assistance with small tasks around the house or at the office.  For example, installing new cabinet knobs for an updated look, fixing a door that sticks, building a coat rack, that type of thing.  Rates are as follows: design & sketches are $ 60/hr w/ a 1 hr min, building or fixing things is $ 40/hr w/ a 1 hr. min.  Materials & other incidentals are additional of course.  

Graphic design - The right message & color scheme can speak volumes for your business.  Quality photography featuring your own personnel or product is sometimes unattainable when working with a graphic designer, unless you hire a professional photographer, then request & pay for the rights to those images so you can use them in your graphic design.  Since I can do the photography for your brochures & business cards etc, there aren't any extra time delays in trying to get the copyright & images files you want to use in your marketing materials.  Rates: $60/hr w/ 1 hr min. (exceptions apply if you need business cards & I underlay one of my own stock images for the background)  Contact me using the form on this site if you would like to discuss your project needs.

Photography - We all love our pets, but sometimes all you have when they're gone are a blur of a wagging tail when you pressed the shutter button too late or a smear on your camera lens from a wet nose.  I have the gear & the skill to get those quality pet shots for you that you will always treasure.  Rates: local mobile shoot is $ 80/hr w/ 1 hr. min. Prep, edit & uploading proofs to the online private gallery is $ 60/hr. (some time is allotted per image free of charge, but if circumstances at the shoot site necessitate extra editing, then that charge is separate)  I usually choose a third of the images shot in the time frame of the mobile shoot.  Prints are done by me on my own equipment & the quality is exceptional.  You will get an order sheet with pricing if you schedule a shoot.  I also can sell you the copyright to specific images and you can print them or use them as you choose.  (The above image is very dear to us, she was a big part of our lives!)  

Above is an example of an 8 1/2" x 11" tri-fold brochure.  I shot all the images of the client's product, then created the layout & included the portrait I had done previously.  Having the client sitting beside me as we reviewed & discussed the copy content & final details meant she was achieving her goals of a brochure that properly represented the high quality jewelry she creates.  In addition to the brochure, she was happy I was able to provide business cards,  post cards & website images as well. Contact me using the contact form on this website to inquire  about your marketing needs.

Specialty sewing - 

Are you a vendor  or business owner trying to create more revenue?  Sure, we all have bills to pay right?  It doesn't do you any good if you hear about the craft fairs & events after they've already happened.  Keep an eye out on the Event Calendar page on this website or the Bulletin Board page.  There you will find  a selection of events or sales etc where you can either attend as a vendor, or see what else is happening if you are a venue host trying to plan an event.  However, if you are a shopper looking for those special gifts, then you'll be able to find out where to go look.  I mostly focus on the events happening in & around Durango, Colorado, but often will include other events if possible happening in the four corners.  (The above image is a tiny leather drawstring bag I made for my parking meter change... it seemed to suit the topic.) 

Shown below are around a dozen examples of business cards I offer with my images as the background.  Vertical, double fold & other options are possible too. 

Qty of 500 or 1000 & various types of thickness, sheen, corners, papers, plastics, magnetic etc.  I also offer a very small qty of very basic text only cards on white or cream business card stock if you just need a few in a pinch.

Photography classes -