Photography of local images- 

Durango and the surrounding areas offer a multitude of photo opportunities at every turn.  There is a great deal of wildlife, people enjoying outdoor activities and of course beautiful scenery everywhere you look.  I offer greeting cards with photos approx. 4" x 6" that I print myself all the way up to large prints.  Current inventory of prints can be sold with or without the frame and mat.  I have hundreds of images online, but they are not in this gallery just yet.  If you need to see it immediately, I can supply a link if you contact me through the contact form on this website.

& there's even more.... - 

check back soon and see what gets added here ! 

Note: prices and rates are subject to change and are sometimes determined on a case by case basis depending on the situation.

Colorado Comforters -

Prices for items in photos shown under the My Studio heading are shown below (while supplies last, does not include shipping or tax) - UPDATE - I PLAN TO HAVE A BIG SALE SOON ON MANY OF THE ITEMS BELOW...CHECK BACK LATER.
Relax wall art $ 30        Happy place wall art $ 38    Rustic coffee theme wall art $ 42    Pillows $ 30 - $ 45          Café wall art $ 58          

Timber “T” wall art $ 27   Rustic wood box, hand painted, leather belt handles & black liner $ 45      Spice Rack $ 259      
Micro suede & denim pocket pouches $ 8      Crayon & toy pouches $ 15       Pin cushion pillows $ 10    

Suede business card pouch with hand stitched hemp twine & beading $ 24       Washable cotton pocket pouch w/ palm tree motif $ 8 
Brushed cotton market print w/ belt & caribiner $ 20     Hot pink Cuff style $ 15      Double lined denim lunch bag w/ handle  $ 47
Green & purple square cross body w/ zipper $ $ 37    Pink & white strip drawstring  w/ silver beads $ 15 .
Three layer with fringe & peace symbol cross body $ 27       Brushed cotton palm tree print  w/ belt & caribiner $ 30 
Wrist wallet with chain & closures teal edging $ 30    Two pocket fray edge and deco flaps cross body $ 37 
Oversized striped denim cinch style w/ two pockets $ 32        Leaf print with cocoa brown edging water bottle bag w/ strap $ 10 
Horse collage w/ fringe cross body faux leather $ 58    Denim hobo shape w/ floral accent band & pocket $ 18 
Pink plaid drawstring sunglasses pouch w/ cleaning cloth $ 16     Purple neck tie & denim style w/ key clip & glam accent buttons $ 47 
Gray & pink faux leather clutch  w/ zipper & glam accents $ 32     Horse print denim clutch w/hand stitched beaded accents $ 45 
Mini satchel faux leather w/ magnetic closure $ 45      Denim & faux leather cross body w/ fringe $ 28   

Denim w/ mystic tone silk pocket  open cross body $ 18    Neoprene w/ hemp twine hand stitching & bead closure w/ caribiner $ 24 
Steam punk custom gift box $ 50   Victorian elegance gift box w/ dry erase tag $ 50 
Barn wood jewelry stand w/ cobalt blue & silver accents $ 45   

Sold individually & also as a set with the Colorado Comforters shown above. 

When something is bugging you, sometimes you just need to plop down & take five, right?  These reusable & durable little masks (once placed gently over your closed eyes) offer a pleasing sense of calm.  Lightly weighted, soft materials & simple rice with no annoying fragrances are just the thing you need.  The cover comes off so you can wash it too.  Each one is offered with an instruction sheet & is packed in it's own little custom box (while supplies last).  The size of the mask is about 7" x 4" and maybe a half inch thick.  You can extend a little time between laundering by storing it in it's little box between uses (available only while supplies last).  I intend to upload a variety of images for you to choose from & purchase soon.   

Solid pine spice rack with steel accent pieces are sure to spice up your home.  Includes nine jars with embossed design in the glass, black lids and small hand made tags describing the contents.  Faux distressed finish adds just the right touch to make this a very unique piece.  24" wide x 30 1/2 high x 5 1/2" deep  $ 259 plus tax & shipping.

Sold individually & also as a set with the new relaxation masks I am now offering. 

Shivering or roasting or grimacing in pain?  Not anymore you're not... here is a quick & inexpensive solution.  A hand made Colorado Comforter is the thing for you & everyone on your gift list!  It will be the item most reached for rather than the tv remote once you get one.... better get two just in case!  These reusable & durable bags can be microwaved for about 2 minutes to warm them.  They provide the most amazing warmth & pain relief you can imagine.  Depending on the use, they can retain some warmth for several hours, for example if under the covers in your bed with you!  They work very well & will last for many years with proper use & care.  The cotton cover can be removed from the bag & washed.  A separate Colorado Comforter can remain in the freezer until it is needed to soothe a sunburn, mosquito bite, toothache or allergy eyes among other things.  Although it isn't an ice pack, the cool temperature can offer pleasing temporary relief.  Never use the freezer one in the microwave or it could mildew from condensation & be ruined.  Themes & prints always vary with each one I make, but the back is always a solid color.  The size is uniform for the most part, but can vary an inch or more in any direction since each one is individually handmade.  There is about 3 lbs worth of corn in each bag & the sizes are approximately 7" wide x 11" long & about 2" thick.  Each one has an instruction sheet with it.  Many people buy one with the intent to give it as a gift but find they cannot part with it & must buy another one to give away!  I intend to upload a variety of images for you to choose from and purchase very soon.   

My studio -

Home decor -

Relaxation Masks -

I am always creating new things so it's hard to keep up with the product pictures as sometimes things sell before I can get a photo of it & upload it to my site.  So, this page is a work in progress... as is the rest of site since I have so many examples and photos to upload yet.  If you have questions, contact me by email using the contact form on this site.  Be sure to check back often.... inventory on hand is sold on a first come first serve basis.  My studio is open by appointment only.  Feel free to email me for questions about special orders or shipping options. Thank you for shopping.

Hidden storage- 

Hidden storage is huge right now, it's useful, it's adorable and it's the perfect thoughtful gift for home or work.  Who could possibly not want to keep a little bit of handy crap within reach but concealed wonderfully, right?  Go ahead and admit it, you're only human, it's in our nature.  It is also a clever way to offer a gift to someone in your household.  Throughout the year it looks like a decoration, but when you need a gift wrapped quick solution for something you purchased (providing it fits inside the gift box) just pull the decoration off the shelf and use a dry erase marker to write on the To: and From: tag.  It saves you money every time you use it.

Home decor is what makes your house a home worth coming home to.  Let me tell ya, if I mix a few tossed out tidbits in with whatever design I awakened with on any given day, then add a bit of elbow grease, I can create a super cool giant wall clock that makes one heck of statement in your living room, restaurant lobby or conference room.  Maybe you don't need a clock, but would love to have granny's butt ugly bookshelf given some new life to match your own style, my decoupage techniques can give so many things a new and unique look!

Open by appointment only.  Contact me using the contact form on this site and set up a time to come & shop if you like.  During December I make random stops at local businesses to allow the employess to shop on their breaks.  If you would like to schedule a "mobile mercantile"... sort of a trunk show style.... contact me, local businesses only.

As for products, well, that's a big list!  BagAttoodes are designed for wearable accessories, pain relieving Colorado Comforters are a little piece of heaven, upcycled home decor, photography, vendor displays, custom cabinets, shelves, tables, storage bins, shoe racks, signs, organizers, relaxation masks, greeting cards, throw pillows, clocks & more.   Just Ask Christy.

US Currency Coin Rings- 

My husband taught me how to make awesome rings from US coins.  Other coin items will be available eventually. Check back soon for more images and info.

Products galore -

BagAttoodes -  

I design & create BagAttoodes.  Whether it's for your cell phone, medical equipment, sporting activity or a trip to the farmers market you can count on your BagAttoode.  You may either shop the current inventory here or contact me to tailor make one to your specific requirements.  As with anything handmade, it takes time to create, so the earlier you notify me the better.  There is always a waiting list, but it will be worth the wait.  Every product has it's own attitude.  Get one today!   Rates: $30/hr for design & fabrication, plus the tally of the materials you choose & of course tax.  Shipping costs cannot be estimated until product is completed.  Prices range from 5 bucks to well over a hundred depending on the complexity of the design, the labor involved and the materials utilized.  I will be adding more images of the current inventory as well as the associated prices of each soon.